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SGI is an agricultural food producer growing premium products for export. Currently, we operate farms in 2 locations in Cameroon, Africa: Kishong and Nkoteng. We hope to be an industry leader, increasing yield while providing exceptional products to the market using eco-friendly methods. We strive to integrate the use of soil and climate data and modern agricultural techniques to achieve best practices in our farming methods and crop production.

Kishong Operations

Kishong is located in Bui, a division of the Northwest province in Cameroon. At an elevation of 2000 meters/6561 feet, the climate of Kishong is warm and temperate–the average temperature range is 16.7oC/62oF to 25.8oC/78oF. The average monthly rainfall is 163.1mm/6.4ins. These conditions allow us to successfully grow potatoes, peppers, carrots, cabbages, white beans, sweet potatoes, onions, Arabica coffee, and more. At our Kishong farms, we implement intercropping, crop rotation, and pure farming. The climate plus our modern agricultural practices allow us to grow food year round. The crops we grow are highly influenced by market demand and price, as well as the need for crop rotation, and association compatibilities

Nkoteng Operations

Nkoteng is a division in the Center province of Cameroon with a population of 20,100 people. The elevation of Nkoteng is 536m/1,759 ft. Our farms operate in the village of Ouassa-Baboute. The climate here is tropical– the average temperature range is 21.7oC/71o F to 29.5oC/85oF. The average monthly rai fall is 120.5mm/4.7ins. At our Nkoteng farms, we intercrop cocoa, cocoyam, and plantains. We practice crop rotation, yearly planting okra, peppers, white beans, gingers, garlic, tomatoes, and more. The crops we grow are highly influenced by market demand and price, as well as the need for crop rotation.

Sales & Export

SGI is a start-up venture, open to building strong, long-term relationships with partners across the globe. We are interested in export/sales relationships with countries in the Gulf region, across Europe, the United States, and beyond. Our Cameroon based farms can provide the world with healthy, fresh African-grown produce to fulfill your customers’ needs. Please visit our Contact page, to get in touch with Smart Globe and begin the process of becoming a partner in our growing fresh food enterprise.