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Arabica Coffee- Green Beans

We are currently growing Arabica coffee at our farm in the Northwest province of Cameroon. By 2020, our sustainable farm in this high altitude region is expected to produce about 50 tons of green Arabica coffee beans per year. The harvested coffee cherries will be processed using the wet method, which involves fermenting and de‑pulping the beans. The beans are then naturally dried under the sun and hand-sorted to ensure premium quality green beans.

Trinitario Cocoa – Dried Beans

We are growing cocoa on our plantation in the Center province of Cameroon. By 2019, our sustainable farm is expected to produce approximately 30 tons of dry cocoa beans per year. The harvested cocoa product will be fermented using the box method. This method involves spreading the beans in a wooden box and covering them with banana leaves. Holes in the bottom of the box allow excess moisture to seep out. The beans are then sun dried under plastic tent. Our cocoa beans is characterized by a red coloration and a strong chocolatey back bone taste with a nice roasty and nutty note.