Committed to Continuous Improvement


 This paid 5-month internship began in February 2017 Led by a group of students from the University Institute of Technology in Douala Cameroon: Akana Franklin, Damdjara Warchem, Reine Deguerre, and Jesse Chia. These thermal and energy engineering students were advised by Professor Monkam Louis of the University of Douala and Mr. Luc Nkouekam of Smart Globe International. The students began their internship learning about SGI modern farming operations, familiarizing themselves with the farm sites and the unique growing conditions of each. They quickly moved into designing a unique water pumping wind mill for future implementation of drip irrigation practices on our 15ha coffee plantation. The drip irrigation project is a critical tool in the endeavor to achieve successful crop production in the African dry season, implementing sustainable renewable sources of energy. This project will fundamentally improve SGI’s efforts to efficiently, effectively, and sustainably develop whole-year crop production

Professional Internship

Food Science Engineering graduate student Rilindis Koye began her 6 month internship at our Kishong location She started in September 2017. Rilindis wil conduct tests in the following areas:

Potato Multiplication Testing

Potato cultivation in Cameroon is almost prohibitively expensive– 75% of cost is buying and transporting seeds.  Although splitting potato starts to gain multiple seedlings is common practice in the West, this technique is virtually unheard of in Cameroon. Planting Cipira Potatoes on 100m2  of our Kishong farms using SGI Standard Operating Procedures, Rilindis and her crew will strive to successully produce potato seedlings from freshly dug tubers, as well as split potato seedlings. The scope of this project includes teaching and implementing SGI Standard Operating Procedures with local farmers. Both local farmers and SGI will benefit from this study with higher yields and larger profits from their potato crops

Pepper Seed Multiplication Testing and study

Using Bombardier pepper varieties, Rilindis will plant 60m2 of our Kishong farms. The objective in this study is to master production of peppers seeds from freshly harvested fruits, validating SGI Standard Operating Procedures. Rilindis will also gather data on the impact of white beans on pepper yield, and observe weed control when associated. The projected outcome of this Pepper Seed study will be confirmation of the economic impact of a companion plant system, and data validation of a more effective, sustainable approach to fighting weed invasion.

Integrated Irrigation System

SGI is currently working to refine and perfect this system.  More information on this project will be posted as developments occur.