Crowdfunding Launch Press Release

Crowdfunding Launch Press Release

Smart Globe International Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Acquire Seeds for Sustainable Farms in Cameroon

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Name: Mara Trager Tcheunou
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Phone: 303-641-1004

Denver, Colorado — September 2, 2015 Today, Patrick and Mara Tcheunou, founders of Smart Globe International (“SGI”) announce a crowdfunding campaign to seek support in building sustainable farms in the Central African nation of Cameroon, Patrick’s homeland. The project starts with the development of approximately 1,000 acres of land on two farms of fair trade Arabica coffee and cocoa for export to the United States.

This is exciting news for coffee and cocoa lovers. Data shows the demand for coffee and chocolate products has been increasing while production has decreased. To make matters worse, a 2011 report published by the Bill and Melinda Foundation warns that chocolate might soon become a luxury product because of climate change. SGI’s farms are expected to create immediate job opportunities in Cameroon and in Denver, Colorado.

SGI’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise $105,000 to purchase seeds for coffee, cocoa and their bio-diversification crops. The crowdfunding campaign will run for 40 days and the SGI seeks support from people interested in supporting an organization committed to sustainable farming and social causes in Cameroon. “We believe that our company can care about the environment, community, and offer a quality product while still making profit.” Smart Globe International CEO Patrick Tcheunou said.

Patrick and Mara have no doubt that this will be a great undertaking and are confident of the success and the potential to help communities in Cameroon while advancing the causes of sustainable and fair trade farming. “We’re thrilled to launch our campaign as we know that we’ll be aiding Cameroonians while providing desirable coffee and cocoa to consumers,” Smart Globe International co-founder Mara Trager Tcheunou said.

Anyone interested in supporting SGI’s crowdfunding campaign is encouraged to donate via and share the effort on social media platforms.

About Smart Globe International
Denver-based Smart Globe International is a fair trade coffee and cacao farming organization that is committed to advocating for gender equity in the workforce in Cameroon.

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  • Dominic
    Posted at 9:17 pm, 11 September, 2015

    I live in Cameroon and have a fairly good knowledge of the cocoa and coffee business. It is heartbreaking to experience some of the poor practices implemented by farmers whether during the farming, harvest, fermentation, drying, transportation or storage process. The above mentioned poor practices are motivated by the farmers desire to shorten the process time while putting an emphasis on short term goals. And by so doing, give a negative image of the Cameroonian beans in the International market. However, Cameroon has been blessed with so much potential in the Agricultural sector whether in terms of the soil, relief and weathers. I can only encourage your company with the values that you share to come and invest and by so doing educate other farmers so the Cameroonian cocoa and coffee can be looked at with a different eye and given the merits it deserves.
    Dominic, Cameroon

    • Posted at 2:23 pm, 17 September, 2015

      Dominic, thanks so much for your insight and support. Please help us share this vision and obtain the funding we need to do this good work! Best Regards to you!

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